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Peter Molyneux is right about Kickstarter’s biggest problem

Posted by Tyler Colp on December 3, 2014 | Jump to 1 comments

Peter Molyneux, a veteran game designer who funded his game Godus through Kickstarter in 2012, realized a problem with projects on the crowdfunding platform.

That is, the mistake of over-promising and under-delivering.

“What I’ve learned is that doing Kickstarter and Steam Early Access, before you’ve got something which is defined and playable, is a hugely risky undertaking that can be very destructive to the final quality of the game,” Molyneux told TechRadar.


What’s he talking about? Maybe the criticisms Godus has received for the introduction of free-to-play-like gems that limit consistent play to every version of the game, a feature that wasn’t noted in the original Kickstarter pitch.

Whether that’s it or not, the head of independent studio 22Cans said he won’t use Kickstarter to fund a game in its early, conceptual stages ever again.


This isn’t a shocking revelation. Kickstarter projects run into this problem all the time. Heck, traditionally developed games do too–we just don’t hear about it. And yet, it’s still a common issue people point to when a Kickstarter game runs into any problems.

Valve recently made changes to its Steam Early Access rules to combat this.

Given that a majority of the biggest, most-ambitious Kickstarter projects haven’t even been released yet, with some of them already reverting on their promises, it’s not surprising to see the games side of the platform fall from its peak popularity in 2013. For example: the total amount of money pledged to Kickstarter games will be less than half of what was pledged last year.


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