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Who is IllFonic, the developer behind the Star Citizen FPS?

Posted by Tyler Colp on November 4, 2014 | Jump to 2 comments

We know a lot more about the Star Citizen first-person shooter than we did just a month ago.

Even the primary developer, who has, until now, been referred to as “redacted” has a name: IllFonic.


There’s a good chance you haven’t played an IllFonic game before. The Denver-based developer has worked on games in the past, but only one of them was playable for a year until it was shutdown.

That game was called Nexuiz, and it was a CryEngine 3 remake of a Quake mod of the same name. IllFonic’s rendition of the fast-paced, online multiplayer first-person shooter was released in 2012 under THQ’s publishing arm. When THQ collapsed the following year, it took the Nexuiz servers with it.


In 2013, IllFonic returned with Revival, a game it said would revive the MMORPG genre. The developer gave several interviews about the CreyEngine 3 game and released a few screenshots, but has been silent on it since.

A few months later, computer processor company AMD showed a tech demo video with an updated version of its red-haired mascot Ruby. The video was created by IllFonic, and it too, like all of the developer’s work, was in CryEngine 3.

What makes IllFonic a good choice for the Star Citizen FPS?

Now, the developer is working on the first-person shooter part of the massive, space ship simulator Star Citizen.

There’s two things that add confidence to a mostly unknown developer working on a game that has raised over $59 million.

1. Even though it didn’t last long, Nexuiz wasn’t completely panned by critics. Most of the complaints were for not having enough active players, which is better than having a truly terrible game.

2. The developer appears to be proficient enough with CryEngine that a company like AMD would hire it to remake its own mascot. So, IllFonic shouldn’t have a problem building the Star Citizen FPS module in the latest version of the engine.



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