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The problem with Steam Early Access’ growing popularity

Posted by Tyler Colp on November 14, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Steam is growing and so is its Early Access platform, but at a cost, according to a report from research company EEDAR.

The amount of Steam games in general have increased by 123 percent over last year. Early Access releases, which let you buy a game before it’s finished, have more than doubled too, with a 147 percent increase from last year.


So there’s more Early Access games, but how many are actually getting released from community-based testing? Not many. According to the report, only about 25 percent have been released. Of the first nine games on the service when it started in March 2013, only three have been released.

Most games spend about six months on Early Access, so recent releases certainly skew the percentage, but the low percentage still suggests a lot of dangling promises with unfinished games.

In our August report, we found that about 32 percent of Steam Greenlight games have been voted on by the community and approved by Valve to appear on Steam. And about 36 percent of those successful Greenlight games had been released.


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