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The Forest lets you survive with a friend in co-op

Posted by Tyler Colp on November 11, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

The Forest, a Steam Early Access survival game by Endnight Games, now supports two-player co-op.

While the game allows you to play with others, early reports from players in its Steam forums and Reddit suggest that the mode has some game-breaking problems. Some players can’t connect with people, and others have found several things like starting fires that crash the game or disconnect either player.

The Forest is up-front about the possibility of bugs, and has received steady and responsive patches since its May debut. So there’s a good chance these problems will be ironed out soon.


Starsnipe / YouTube

Endnight has plans to allow you to scavenge the game’s dangerous world and fight its mutants with more than one other player further into its development.

Co-op is one of many features the developer lists it wants to add to the game, including more animal species, traps and hunting mechanics, crafting options, and game modes.

The Forest is available on PC for $15.


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  • It’s been 11 months and this issue has still not been resolved. I still am unable to connect to other servers sometimes. About 95% of the time. Tyler, do you know if this will be resolved soon, or if the devs know it’s still an issue?

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