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Say hello (again) to Reflex on Early Access

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 6, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

After stumbling out of the Kickstarter gate, developer Turbo Pixel has readied and released a build of their classic arena FPS on Steam Early Access.

Reflex, available for $9.99, returns to the precise, high-speed action of ’90s shooters. It’s got a nifty modern aesthetic (just look at those particle effects) and the ability to build and share maps.

Eventually, Reflex hopes to foster a competition scene, but it’s nowhere near that stage yet.

“The game is currently at a prototype state,” the developer wrote on the Early Access page. “We don’t have all the modes. The weapons are not final. The UI is ugly and basic. Most of the art is missing. We don’t have matchmaking. We don’t have bots.”

A YouTube video shows that the central gameplay is in place, but all the trimmings are decidedly pre-alpha.


The Kickstarter for Reflex launched on Sept. 20, running for 21 days before being cancelled by the developer. It seeked to raise $360,000 and had ambitions to become the leader in arena-style FPS by 2016, complete with an integrated team tournament system, in-game training modes, Steam Workshop compatibility and horde modes.

Turbo Pixel is a three-man team that – due to the failed Kickstarter – still can’t work on the project full time.

“Kickstarter was our shot at full-time development with an unrestrained feature list. At least for the short term, Early Access will be a return to developing out of hours which means progress will be much slower.”

This Early Access builds marks the start of their effort to get the game in the hands of players in addition to prolific competitive streamers.

“We want to grow the game alongside the community, we want to watch people’s twitch streams, play their maps, download their frag films and jump on their servers to get our asses handed to us,” they said back in October.

Reflex is available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC for $9.99.


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