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Play with DiveKick, Nidhogg and Joylancer characters in Neo Geo Pocket Rumble

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 12, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

The Neo Geo Pocket hasn’t had a lot of games grace its pixelated screen in recent times. Pocket Rumble wants to bring yet another fighter to the minute console via PC, Mac and Linux.

Pocket Rumble is 2D fighter with roots in retro, calculated and slow brawlers. It’s got a limited color palette, woefully (or, delightfully) limited resolution and an insanely large roster of characters with unique movesets.

It’s geared towards competitive play – there’s a mode for blind picking characters, preventing your opponents from pre-empting your selection  – but there’s also a fully fledged career mode, where players tour the globe and compete in tournaments.


With characters from all over the indie scene as cameos, Pocket Rumble looks like the crossover to end all crossovers. Dust from Dust: An Elysian Tale, Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy, the fencer from Nidhogg and Kick from DiveKick make an appearance, in addition to a handful more.

Cardboard Robot Games ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter for the same game in September 2013, raising $7,718 of the $16,000 goal. It drew 298 backers in total, with the current campaign now sitting at 197 after 3 days.

Now the team is after $22,500, and best guesses say they’ll make it.

Due to the game’s unexpectedly long development, the team acknowledge that there is a possible risk of delay. They promise to Pocket Rumble even if they run out of funds. “If it becomes necessary to delay the game we can live on ramen to make the budget last,” they said. “We’re young and pretty used to all of that.”

The game will be playable on the original Neo Geo pocket via an emulator. The ROM will be free for everyone to download. You can secure a copy of the game – and beta access – for $15.



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