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Oort Online arrives on Early Access amid sluggish fundraising

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 17, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Oort Online‘s democratic crowdfunding hasn’t kept pace with other Kickstarters, but arriving on the biggest distribution platform in world should turn Wonderstruck’s leisurely amble into a faster jog.

The pretty sandbox RPG has arrived on Steam Early Access in a pre-alpha build. It’s slimmed down, lacking the majority of Wonderstruck’s final vision, but it lets players build with their friends in a massive universe, hopping from land-to-land with the coolest teleporters we’ve ever seen.

The response to the game so far has been overwhelmingly positive, despite missing features.

Oort Online raised $70,000 in its first fortnight of funding in late August. That, in Wonderstruck’s version of crowdfunding, unlocked the ‘Crafting I’ chunk of the game. Since then, the game has only just edged over $100,000. The next block – ‘Combat 1′ – has yet to be unlocked.

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Wonderstruck are unfazed that they’re not keeping up with other huge crowdfunded projects like the $3 million-a-month Star Citizen.

“We know this game is going to take over a year to bring to a 1.0, so a slower pace works in our case” they said in an email interview. “As an established studio with other products, we’re not wholly reliant on Oort Online as a source of income […] Obviously it would be great to be making millions a week, but right now we’re comfortable with the pace.”

A ‘1.0’ version of the game is expected to be completed in late 2015, but the game will continue to devolve after that. There’s still 13 feature ‘chunks’ to be unlocked.

Wonderstuck is 21-strong Guildford (‘Silicon Surrey’) based studio, formed in 2012 by Lionhead and EA veterans. They have partnered with Rising Star games to release stealth game The Marvellous Miss Take, coming to Steam later this month.

The pre-alpha build is receiving a 10% one week launch discount, available for $31.49.


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