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One year later, Project Nimbus reaches the masses

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 6, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

It’s been a while since Project Nimbus, our favourite mech flight sim, has caught our attention. Popularity may shortly explode, due to launching on Steam Early Access.

Project Nimbus is a flight sim which caught our eye back in January due to its stunning visuals and eccentric Thai developer, GameCrafterTeam. It’s set in the late 21st century, where the world has been destroyed by war – so you take to the skies to fight more war.

As you pilot massive bipedal ‘BattleFrames’ through the sky, you shoot down enemies with missiles, chain guns and energy swords. They’re frightening agile, and total freedom of movement is at Nimbus’ core.


Their Kickstarter raised £17,690 ($29,285) in January, nearly tripling their £6,000 ($9,933) goal. Drawing 1,198 backers, several stretch goals were achieved, including Mac support, a longer campaign and compatablity with the Oculus Rift.

The move to Early Access doesn’t mark a significant development milestone for Project Nimbus; the developer has released almost weekly alpha builds to backers since April. Steam allows GameCrafterTeam to release updates with greater speed and ease, in addition to centralizing the community’s feedback.

Is Project Nimbus keeping its Kickstarter promises?

Backers of £6 ($10) and above were assured a key for Project Nimbus when arrived on Steam, with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. Backers of £15 ($24) and above were assured alpha access to the game, with an estimated delivery date of March 2014.

Pre-alphas builds were sent to backers in April, and the game has just arrived on Steam on Wednesday Nov. 5. So far, there have not been reports of backers failing to receive game keys.

That’s one month lag for Alpha builds and three months lag for the Steam release. Delays of a few months should be expected in small teams, particularly when the budget is forced upwards by the Kickstarters’ success.


The Early Access build is not feature complete, by quite a significant amount. While this release adds Mac support, it still lacks a survival mode, a sandbox mode, a full campaign and Oculus Rift integration as promised by the Kickstarter.

GameCrafterTeam acknowledge these absences on the store page, and estimate that all features will be in the game by ‘Q1 – Q2 2015′. We think that’s a little ambitious, given the game’s relatively slow (but steady) progress so far.

We have no doubt that Project Nimbus will be feature complete at some point, probably by the middle of next year. GameCrafterTeam have the talent and the funds to see this through.

You can buy Project Nimbus on Early Access for $14.99.


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