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‘Next Bioshock’ game fails on Kickstarter despite Ken Levine endorsement

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 11, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

The Black Glove reached the end of its funding period with $216,517, a few hundred thousand short of the $550,000 goal. Developer Day for Night Games want to ‘fight like hell’ to keep the project alive.

As a surreal, story-driven adventure in a supernatural 1920s theatre, The Black Glove had more than a few hints of BioShock Infinite in its blood.

The team was formed of Ex-Irrational developers after the studio shut down in February. While the history altering gameplay was intriguing, it failed to draw in backers, being less than 40% as it entered the final week.

A #savetheblackglove campaign was launched on on Nov. 3, but similar to Human Resources, it did not sway the needle. Part of the campaign was an endorsement from BioShock creator and lead writer Ken Levine, who said “I haven’t played The Black Glove yet […] but I think you can tell by the videos that the atmosphere of that game is going to be amazing.”

black glove

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Despite failing the achieve the $550,00 they set out to secure, developer Day for Night Games still want to make the game a reality.

They’re not going to launch a second Kickstarter at the moment, as they’re still going after that full budget. “We asked for the total we needed to guarantee that we could self-publish the game within a year with 6+ hours worth of content for $20,” they said.

“If we turned around immediately and asked for less […] we wouldn’t be able to guarantee our Kickstarter backers that we could deliver the game.”

The Black Glove campaign failed right around the time another Kickstarter from ex-Irrational developers, The Flame in Flood, succeeded. Their goal was $150,000, which they exceeded by  $100,000.

The studio is now talking to publishers, which contacted them during the course of the campaign, but they also “have a few other ideas” for getting the game made.


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