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Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is Blyts’ second go on Kickstarter

Posted by Tyler Colp on November 20, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Take a quick glance at Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, the latest Kickstarter project from developer Blyts, and you’ll wonder why it’s not called Inspire Me.

Inspire Me was Blyts’ last Kickstarter campaign that missed its $20,000 goal to fund a point-and-click adventure game that would have you help important figures in history, like Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci.

Infamous Machine not only borrows the same historical point-and-click adventure conceit, but it also uses a very similar art style. At first glance, it looks strikingly similar.


Blyts told us that Infamous Machine is the result of the developer looking at what went wrong with Inspire Me and fixing it.

“We saw that the first campaign had several flaws, around the game mainly,” Mariano Columbo, Infamous Machine’s software engineer told us. “We knew that we had a great idea, but we didn’t end with the game we had in mind in the beginning. A lot of changes needed to be done, specially to avoid the ‘child game’ feeling.”

Where Inspire Me felt directed toward a younger audience, with its story about boy protagonist Kelvin accidentally screwing with history, Infamous Machine is more mature and raises the stakes. Infamous Machine’s Kelvin is older, and he’s traveling through time to try to stop a mad scientist who wants false recognition for the most influential inventions in history. The game is darker, funnier, and more polished in its playable demo, Columbo said.


Blyts didn’t revise the project alone, though. It brought in game consulting firm Agency, led by journalist Leigh Alexander and developer Ste Curran, to give it direction.

“We needed some guidance,” Columbo said. “We knew we were making mistakes, but we weren’t sure exactly what [they were]. The Agency helped us a lot to follow a line and to focus on this type of game.”

Infamous Machine’s goal is the same as Inspire Me’s: $20,000 to make a game with three chapters featuring three influential men from real history. Only seven days in, with 22 left to go, it’s already raised more than the last campaign, with $7,000.

The eight-person team, counting Agency’s two members, expects to have the game finished and released in Sept. 2015, assuming it’s successfully funded, on PC, Mac, and Linux. The developer plans to release Android and iOS versions sometime later.


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