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Clannad visual novel beats $160,000 Kickstarter goal in one day

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 12, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

With failure after failure popping up on Kickstarter, it seems we’re miles away from the runaway successes of the old glory days. Clannad bucks the trend while proving another, age-old one: sex sells.

Clannad (originally ‘ クラナド‘) is a visual novel from Japanese developer Key. It follows a high school delinquent who helps a group of school girls resolve their personal problems – it’s not a high school dating simulator. It was originally released in 2004 for PC.

The Kickstarter – with a goal of $160,000 – is being run by Sekai Project, a new Japanese media publisher. They plan to translate Clannad for Western audiences, churning through over 50 hours of gameplay. The funds raised will also cover royalties, licence payments and the re-use of the original Japanese voices.


As with many Japanese games, fans have already been translating Clannad themselves, releasing the product for free. Sekai Project said “We have decided to re-translate the game in order to provide the best possible translation for Clannad.” 

The team working on the game have previous experience on the Attack on Titan series.

With international acclaim and status as a cult classic, Clannad has attracted 2,104 backers just two days into the campaign. With a total of $180,994 raised so far, they’ve already exceeded the goal. There are no stretch goals in the campaign. It’s an abnormally lengthy campaign, ending on Jan. 9. You can secure a Steam copy on PC for $40.


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