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Catch Monsters is a creepy version of Pokémon

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 4, 2014 | Jump to 1 comments

If the idea of small animals hurling punches and flames at each other in Pokémon doesn’t bother you, Catch Monsters‘ spin on the fantasy cockfighting genre probably will.

The project creator Daniel Mullins has taken to Kickstarter to fund a monster-catching open world RPG for PC, Mac and Linux. He grew up playing Pokémon and, like many of the Red/Blue generation, now want a deeper, less kid-focused game.

At first glance, Catch Monsters appears to a be an edgier re-skin of Pokémon (yep, even edgier than Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon!), with spooky sounding types like ‘elemental’, ‘feral’ and ‘mystic’.

The battle system is where the most significant change to the core experience comes. Using a card-based system, you’ll be able to customize the moves of each monster going into battle. Like modern TCGs such as Hearthstone, energy available for attacks builds each turn, leading to a greater degree of strategy.



Instead of yet another eight gym leaders defeat, Catch Monsters resembles open world RPGs like The Elder Scrolls. There’s a main quest to power through, but also three factions (resembling the monster types) to join and complete quests for.

Daniel Mullins is the only person working on the game. He’s previously published Agent Maxwell: Master of Math on the app store and contributed to Grav, a gravity bending puzzle on Android.

He’s after $6,000 (CAD) to complete the game and to cover his basic living costs. Catch Monsters will be a full time project for Mullins, should he reach the goal. It should be complete in April 2015.

Funding ends Dec. 6. You can pledge $10 (CAD) for a copy of the game on PC, Mac or Linux.


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