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BugBear get scouting for Wreckfest, brings the dirt

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 13, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

In the first update of November, the creators of Wreckfest (formerly known as Next Car Game) let us have a sneak peek at part of their track design process.

They’ve sent some of their team to find inspiration for dirt racing tracks, and they’ve ended up in what appears to be a quarry. Currently, there’s only one dirt track in Wreckfest. The addition of more will give the chance to showcase more slip-n-slidey action alongside the tarmac-bound rubber burning.

In addition to muddy field trips, BugBear is overhauling the tire physics for Wreckfest – that’s pretty important for a driving game. “The tire physics affect every single thing in the gameplay,” they said. “The way your car handles is tied to the tires, the crashes, slides, swerves.” The ‘tire update’ won’t be done for a while though, owing to the size of the task.

Dirty work.

Dirty work.

Last month the game added 18-car online multiplayer, leading to a plethora of in game pileups.

Next Car Game: Wreckfest was released on Steam Early Access in January 2014 after a failed Kickstarter in November 2013. It is BugBear’s attempt to revive the demolition derby-style racing genre, being responsible for the FlatOut series. With the help of YouTubers, their physics technology sandbox earned $1 million in one week.


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