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$85K Kickstarter wants to share the story of cancer through a game

Posted by Marcus Beard on November 13, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Ryan and Amy Green had their son, Joel, in 2010. For four years Joel has fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer. They want to tell that story through a beautiful, pastel-colored adventure.

That Dragon, Cancer will tell the story of Joel through a surreal, poetic experience where he and family fight a terrible dragon named Cancer. It’s an abstract point-and-click: sometimes you’re controlling Joel himself, at other times you’re just observing the room, and there’s also a segment where you play as a duck.

The game has brought many playtesters to tears, and now Ryan and his team want to bring their story to a wider audience.


Funded through savings, a large of part of the game is already complete. The $85,000 goal is to complete the three final scene and polish the entire project as a whole. If it hits that goal, the total budget will be bolstered by a $50,000 Indie Fund injection and a $25,000 private loan, bringing the full budget to $160,000.

A six-person team is building the game, including Ryan himself. It should take eight months to finish the game, getting to backers in mid-2015.

A making-of documentary ‘Thank you for playing’ will accompany the game’s release, you can watch the teaser trailer here.

The campaign ends Dec. 13, and the game has already raised over $25,000. Copies of the game, coming to Ouya and PC, are available for $15. Pledging $40 will let you place a painting on the wall of the hospital or a message on the floor.


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