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Human Resources developer Uber Entertainment faces layoffs

Posted by Marcus Beard on October 29, 2014 | Jump to 1 comments

After cancelling their latest Kickstarter for RTS Human Resources, Uber Entertainment – the studio behind Planetary Annihilation – are now making layoffs at the studio in Kirkland, Wash.

News comes from Chelsea Douglas, an artist at Uber Entertainment, via Twitter.

With no official word from the developer, the scale of the job losses is uncertain. We’ll update this story as we receive new information.

Uber Entertainment was founded in 2008, bringing arena shooter Monday Night Combat to Xbox Live, then free-to-play Super Monday Combat to PC. In September 2012, their Kickstarter for RTS Planetary Annihilation raised $2.2 million.

In October, Uber Entertainment announced Human Resources, the spiritual successor to Planetary Annihilation. The hoped to raise $1.4 million via Kickstarter, but cancelled the project after three weeks, having raised $384,358.

“Human Resources, as pitched in this Kickstarter, is over” said John Comes, Design Director, at the time of the Kickstarter’s failure.


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