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Green Game wants to change the world but probably won’t

Posted by Marcus Beard on October 28, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Who isn’t on board with recycling at this point?

Perhaps it’s a task that seems second nature to our sophisticated, forward-thinking readership, but some people are still opting to throw their yogurt pots and Spam tins into a great big hole in the ground.

A diverse team is attempting to persuade serial trash-ers (and their kids) to recycle and live green by making a video game, enlisting Kickstarter’s help to do so.

The tasks performed in a cartoon style will feature litter collection, waste sorting and a sea cleanup. As players complete tasks, more of the world map will turn green and squirrels will learn to talk to bears in dense forests.

green game

As Green Game sells copies (and presumably, preorders) it will distribute part of revenue generate to real-life initiatives that mirror the tasks performed in game. The funds are distributed according to the number of player reactions to a given topic in game.

“The number of followers will determine which issue we will be solving next,” they explain. “We expect [players] to actively participate in the process of raising topics to be discussed.”


Despite seemingly good intentions, the project page feels awfully suspect. Founders Plamen Nikolov and Slavi Hristov are based in Sofia, Bulgaria – not Long Beach, CA as their page suggests, in an attempt to net the earth-first West coast crowd.

They’re after $30,000, but it’s not clear exactly where the money is needed. They’ve got a teaser trailer, but no indication of where additional work is needed. The team only works under the banner of Green Game. They’re not an established studio and there’s no track record.

Given everything from their teaser video to their website is outsourced and watermarked by other companies, we’re skeptical about their ability to deliver a game on time, on budget and on spec. We’ve reached out to the team for some answers which may boost our confidence.

Ending on Dec. 1, we’ll find out whether this idea resonates with many more than the current 49 backers. 138 of you still have the chance to get an Early Bird reward, which includes the game, for $8. Surprise, there’s no announced platforms.


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