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DayZ’s first week of Oct. is about player deaths, women’s clothing, and zombies

Posted by Tyler Colp on October 9, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

The most-popular zombie survival game on Steam, DayZ, is still deep into development a year after launching on Steam Early Access.

This week, developer Bohemia Interactive laid out what it would be working on and implementing into the game’s experimental branch, where new content is tested and observed before it’s pushed to the regular servers.

The developer ran player death analysis on one server for 12 hours and found that, as expected, most people die at the spawn locations. It also found that there was a good spread of deaths throughout the map.


“In addition to the obvious value to the data above, analyzing data like this will become increasingly valuable for the development of core gameplay systems, as well as Chernarus Plus [the improved version of DayZ’s current map] over the coming days and months,” producer Brian Hicks wrote in an update.

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Right now, when you choose to play a female in DayZ, you can’t change your clothes. The art team is now close to introducing women’s clothing to the game, like pants, shorts, and a sweater.

The skeletons, or the structures beneath the character models, of zombies are being tweaked in preparation for a new animation system. The zombies will have new attacks and will overall move smoother. Once the animations are finished, the developer said it will continue working on adding new zombie types to the game.

By the end of October, the developer hopes to add 50 new servers, the ability to have persistence in the game standard, and stability improvements to the regular servers.


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