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DayZ to get stealth, new zombie type, and duct tape

Posted by Tyler Colp on October 15, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

It’s the second week of October and DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive has laid out what it’ll be adding to the popular zombie survival game.

The developer is tweaking zombie behavior to bring stealth combat to the game, which means changing their vision, hearing, and spawn rates.  The ability to sneak around zombies is already in the original Arma 3 DayZ mod.

One of the first new zombie types that the developer mentioned last week will be a farmer zombie. “He’s a little pudgy but can still pack a punch,” the game’s lead artist Chris Torchia said.

Twitter / Chris Torchia

Twitter / Chris Torchia

Lastly, the game will make use of duct tape, both for crafting items and tying other players up. The developer said it’s even working on a way to mute player voice chat when they have duct tape on their face.

Many of the new changes will appear in the DayZ experimental branch before the live game.

DayZ is available on Steam Early Access for $30 on PC.


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