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Heroes Never Lose reaches 60% funding in first day

Posted by Olivia Cottrell on September 10, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Hero themed action-puzzler Heroes Never Lose has plenty of reason to think that it truly is unbeatable, as they’ve reached 60% of their funding goal just 24 hours after launch.

The game, which features super heroes using their powers to bury their villainous opponents in blocks, has raised $6,360 of its $9,000 total. As in similar title Puzzle Quest, the meat of the game is matching up coloured tiles to build power to defeat your opponent. The difference is that instead of high fantasy shenanigans, this game is clearly inspired by the goofy charm of Silver Age comic books, with heroes such as Gnat-Girl and Brainfreeze fighting villains like Miss Direction and the Laughing Hyena.

It's like Tetris and Street Fighter had a nerdy baby

It’s like Tetris and Street Fighter had a nerdy baby

The game designer, Osama Dorias, previously worked as narrative designer at Gameloft (best known for Dungeon Hunter) and the (unnamed) development team has a total of ’20 years’ of game design experience. They are, apparently, ‘very far along’ with the code and design and need the bulk of the $9,000 to fund more art and animations.

Dorias has yet to announce any stretch goals for the project, however he has promised to reveal them once the $9,000 goal is reached. Seeing as Wednesday is now Comic Book Day, why not check them out?


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