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Q&A: Enter the realm of the Jotun

Posted by Olivia Cottrell on August 5, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Jotun‘s been going from strength to muscle-bound, icy blue strength on Kickstarter since we last reported on it. Featured as a staff pick, this 2D tale of a Viking warrior named Thora stuck in Purgatory has already raised $35,238 of its $50,000 goal. We talked to designer William Dubé about Thora, Kickstarter, and the challenges and rewards of working in 2D.

BitPulse: What’s been the biggest challenge of the Kickstarter so far?

Dubé: The biggest challenge of the Kickstarter so far has definitely been keeping the momentum going. Kickstarter is a 30 day marathon, filled with intense sprints. It’s really crazy and easy to get lost in the emotional highs and lows. We aren’t even half way through yet, but I have to scramble to get the final week set up and properly prepared.

It’s always wonderful to see a game based on Viking mythology as I’m a big fan myself: Jotunheim as Viking purgatory is an interesting idea. What made you choose this mythology in particular?

I’ve always loved mythology and centuries-old stories. Having studied a bit of Greek mythology in high school, I knew how crazy the stories can get. The more I delved into Norse mythology, the more I knew it would be the perfect fit for a video game. We want to stay true to the myths while adding our own on top of them.

Some of the gods you'll encounter: Baldr, Freya, Loki and Tyr

Some of the gods you’ll encounter: Baldr, Freya, Loki and Tyr

I loved the breakdown of how you make the animation. What are the challenges of working in 2D animation for this game?

The main challenge is that every frame needs to be hand-drawn. If you need to make changes, you cannot just tweak a few numbers on your splines. However, in this case, the greatest challenge is also the greatest reward.

What are the advantages?

You get to feel the artist’s work directly. Every sprite is a direct link between the animator and the player. Of course, I love the style and think it is absolutely beautiful.

Do you have a contingency plan for if you don’t get funded?

No. We’re all-in on Kickstarter.

Can you tell us more about the overarching story for the game?

I can’t give any spoilers for now, but I can tell you that the story will be experienced organically as you move throughout the world.

Thanks, Will! You can read more about Jotun via their Kickstarter page.


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