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Distance: A new game enters the beta race

Posted by Marcus Beard on August 11, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Neon racer Distance which mixes TRON, Burnout and Scalextrix is receiving one final update before shedding its scruffy Alpha garments to don a shiny ‘Beta’ tag.

Distance is all about speed, agility, reactions and thumping electronica to match the glowing, mysterious surroundings. While you play as car, gameplay isn’t one dimensional. Gravity defying turns, gliding assault courses and warping roads evoke a futuristic Tony Hawk more than Colin McRae.

Developer Refract Studios detailed the update in a recent blog post. It brings three new adventure levels (with new dymanic laser-shooting enemies), an improved multiplayer and tweaks to a whole lot of setting to make the glow-filled experience even smoother.

The Alpha is only available to backers of Distance’s 2012 Kickstarter, but the next update – which will bring the well-earned Beta build – will be available to all who have pre-ordered it via Humble.

Distance is the spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush – a very similar game made by the same team while at the DigiPen Institute.

Distance’s Kickstarter campaign raised $161,981 in November 2012 and you can preorder the game (gaining Beta access) for $15.


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