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Animal Gods unveils its first act with $27K goal

Posted by Olivia Cottrell on August 14, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Animal Gods is not, as you might expect, a game about Ancient Egypt, but a single-player journey through Bronze Age Europe for PC and Mac, with Wii U and PlayStation 4 as stretch goals.

In the game, you’ll travel around ancient Britain as the young heroine Thistle to find and slay the mysterious creatures that threaten the Animal Gods of your world. The art reflects the long-ago, unknown time with swirly, trippy visuals that combine bright colours with black cutouts. There will also be silhouette levels where the cutout aesthetic is pushed a little further. It’s a unique, compelling look that catches the eye among the other Kickstarter offerings.

The beasts you fight will dwarf you

The beasts you fight will dwarf you

Gameplay follows the standard 2D adventure model: there’s running, jumping, rolling and slashing as expected. Like most adventure games, areas and monsters will be themed, so you’ll get the water beasts in the water dungeon, etc.

The studio, Still Games, was only recently formed (2013) and this is their first game. They’re asking for $27,000 to ‘assemble the game’- they claim that they have all the storyboards, level design, vertical slice and framework are all locked down and, in their words, ‘the game just needs to be assembled’. Funds will therefore go towards technical development and final polish.



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