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Crea proves that Steam launches are still powerful

Posted by Marcus Beard on July 8, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Even with new batches of games being primed and ready for launch on Valve’s mega-platform every month, landing on Steam Early Access can still give any game an intense sales boost.

A blog post by Siege Games reveals their game Crea raised $18,000 in the first week – almost 20 percent of their total sales since 2012.

Launching on June 3, the 2D sandbox RPG made over $500 in the first day, and is still making at least $300 per day. It’s orders of magnitude greater than sales on Humble’s store.

In the post, programmer Jasson McMorris explained how the game launched with little media coverage, almost none from the mainstream blogs and outlets.

Sales on Humble rarely reached over $200 daily.

Sales on Humble rarely reached over $200 daily.

“We have learned it is best to set expectations low since exceeding expectations can be a wonderful motivator,” he said on the blog. “We suspected our visibility would remain low which appears to be the case. However, the sales have gone well beyond our expectations.”

Even though these sales healthily push Crea’s development forward, it’s not quite the success story some indies have faced. Vertigo Games earned $130,000 in 3 months after Cook, Serve, Delicious! was caught in a Steam Flash Sale. Eldritch’s sales  skyrocketed after landing on the platform.

Now, it appears the impact could be waning.

Crea's story will be told through exploring the world and finding new items.

Crea’s story will be told through exploring the world and finding new items.

“On average launching on Steam has become substantially less impactful and likely will continue to do so; at the same time I believe that a Steam launch still has the same potential as it always did,” said McMorris. “Previously games released infrequently enough on Steam that everyone received a decent amount of front page time. This is simply not the case anyone.”

Steam promotion aside, Siege Games still have a hefty bank of supporters..

Crea started life by almost doubling its $15,000 Kickstarter goal in August 2012, seeking funds for additional development hardware and to commission an original soundtrack by Robot Science.

By aesthetics alone, Crea will remind players of Starbound or Terraria, but in reality, players will be doing a lot more than mining and crafting. In the fantasy world, players face a RPG-style progression system. Characters will learn talents, skills to aid battle against monsters and bosses.

It’s available on Early Access for $14.99, after being in Alpha for over a year. You can keep up date on Siege Games’ blog.


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