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Demo of the week: Zenzizenzic

Posted by Olivia Cottrell on May 8, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

If I’m writing about a game with a name like Zenzizenzic you know I must really like it, because there’s no way in hell a journalist would want to write out that title more than once otherwise. Like last week’s pick, Timothy Bibble, Zenzizenzic is a bullet hell shooter. Unlike Bibble, Zenzizenzic exudes and effortless cool from its minimalist graphics to its retro soundtrack.

With a crowdfunding campaign on both Kickstarter and Steam GreenlightZenzizenzic is a twin-stick bullet hell shooter with incredibly minimal story: you simply have to dodge enemies and shoot them down with a variety of different laser cannons. You can also augment your ship with powerups for both your weapons and your shields.

It’s the graphics that are the real draw here. Playing Zenzizenzic is like being inside a kaleidoscope. Even for a bullet hell shooter, it’s very pretty, and already feels very slick in presentation just from the demo. Although this is developer Ruud Korevar’s first game, frankly, it doesn’t show at all. 

Korevar is asking for a mere €2,000 (that’s $2,771) to finish the project, which is currently 80 to 85 percent done according to the Kickstarter. This money will be spent on final development and creation of an expansion which will be more of a rogue-like experience.

You can download the demo via the official site.


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