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Controversial game Earth: Year 2066 removed from Steam, Valve offers refunds

Posted by Tyler Colp on May 6, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Earth: Year 2066 has been pulled from Steam Early Access.

The controversial survival game we reported on last month used stolen artwork and was accused of deleting negative comments and reviews from Steam users. Valve removed it from the service today.

A company representative wrote “developers make their own decisions about promotion, features, pricing and publication,” on the page. “However, Steam does require honesty from developers in the marketing of their games.”


Valve is offering full refunds for the $19.99 game until May 19.

The game sparked a Reddit campaign and a popular video by critic Jim Sterling calling it out for its broken state. Many of the features in the open-world game were apparently not working as promised on the page.

BitPulse tried to contact the producer of the game, who we believe to be someone using the name Muxwell Urban, but couldn’t find any usable contact information. Killing Day Studios, the developer responsible for the game on Steam, also didn’t provide any contact information.

Earth: Year 2066 was previously known as “Project Earth” on Indiegogo where Urban raised $160. The project as well as Urban’s account have been taken down.


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