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Heaviest Matter seeks $49,500 to make action RPG Prisonscape

Posted by Tyler Colp on April 10, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

For $49,500 on Kickstarter, Heaviest Matter wants to make you a convict in Prisonscape.

The pixel art, action RPG will have an entire jail, prison, and two more areas to explore, steal, kill, trade, and learn in. You’ll use crafted weapons in the game’s grid-based combat, and earned stats and abilities to solve problems with the game’s several characters. Heaviest Matter said it wants you to form alliances with other inmates and eventually earn reputation by performing tasks for different gangs.

The game will also have a full set of modding tools. You can get early access to them if you pledge at least $33.


Development on Prisonscape began in 2012, but the growing team created Heaviest Matter earlier this year to finish the game. The five-person team said it will spend 30 percent of the budget on the game’s graphics, 25 percent on “development”, 24 percent on taxes, 8 percent on studio rent, 7 percent on fees, which likely includes Kickstarter’s and Amazon Payments cut, and  6 percent on music and sound effects.

The PC, Mac, and Linux game is scheduled to release in December 2014. If you pledge at least $15, you’ll receive beta access to game further into its development.

Prisonscape, which is currently on Steam Greenlight, will be Heaviest Matter’s first game as a team.

The campaign has raised $3,947 from 274 backers. It has 28 days left to go.


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