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Get your hands bloody in Viscera Cleanup Detail on Steam Early Access

Posted by Tyler Colp on April 4, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Put away the gun and get out the mop. The grotesque, janitorial simulator Viscera Cleanup Detail is available on Steam Early Access today.

A violent battle between aliens and a hero have painted the walls in blood and left gooey bits of flesh, organs, and bodies around. It’s your job to clean it all up. In the game’s first-person view, you wield a mop and a bucket of water, sweeping through the badly-lit, metallic walls of a space facility. If the tedium gets to you, there are ways to make a bigger mess.

The game includes a multiplayer mode where you can a friend can clean together or make everything worse. Developer RuneStorm warns Early Access buyers that the multiplayer isn’t completely stable yet.


RuneStorm has an alpha version of the game available for free on the website.

RuneStorm’s previous game was Rooks Keep, a fantasy, arena brawler.

Viscera Cleanup Detail, which is available for PC, is currently $7.99, but the developer said the price will increase as it continues working on the game.

If you buy it, the game comes with RuneStorm’s other versions of Viscera Cleanup Detail set in the Rise of the Triad world and a Christmas-themed world for free.


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