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Aesthetic Games needs $250k to make 14th century zombie shooter Dead Crusade

Posted by Tyler Colp on April 4, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

For $250,000 on KickstarterAesthetic Games wants to combine strategic, zombie-killing combat with a historical setting in Dead Crusade.

Dead Crusade extends the effects of the Bubonic Plague in 14th century Europe to a zombie outbreak. The disease has different strains that warp both humans and animals in the world, and it has a chance of infecting you.

The playable characters in the game fit into three roles: Soldier, Plague Doctor, and Skirmisher. That’s warrior, healer, and archer, in video game terms. Soldiers take the front lines and can stun and taunt enemies to attack their suit of heavy armor. Plague Doctor’s keep the team healthy and can manipulate the battlefield with traps and abilities that make the undead turn against themselves. And lastly, the Skirmisher attacks from range, and his speed and accuracy increase with each successive kill.

Each character will earn experience over time and use that to increase their stats, earn skills, and obtain perks.


During combat, you can become infected by different types of the plague. When that happens, specific things will happen to you, like hallucinations, increased risk of death from sprinting, and an irreversible countdown to death that gives you increased damage and speed.

Dead Crusade’s battles are highly dynamic, taking your input and producing swings, stabs, and parries with advantages and disadvantages. It’s not about furiously clicking, it’s about strategically maiming enemies.

Those enemies, which come in various forms, will be directed, not unlike Left 4 Dead, by a system called the Spawn Factory. The Spawn Factory will challenge players with different formations of enemies, items, and objectives to complete.

The first-person and third-person game is intended to be played cooperatively, but it will support solo play.

Aesthetic Games said it’s been self-funding the game’s development in Unreal Engine 3. Now, it has moved the game to Unreal Engine 4, and is looking for the final amount it needs to finish the game.


According to the page, the team at Aesthetic Games have a combined experience of working with the Unreal Engine for seven years and has shipped multiple games.

Dead Crusade is planned to release within the last three months of 2015 for PC, with possible Linux and Mac versions too.

Pledging $30 will promises an Early Access version of the game at a later date, and $40 will get you alpha access in six to eight months.

At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised $585 from 25 backers. It has 29 days left to go.


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