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The Floor Is Jelly, Classroom Aquatic greenlit on Steam among 75 new titles

Posted by Marcus Beard on March 20, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

What’s that sound? Is that the sound of fresh, quirky indie games ascending into Steam distribution euphoria? It could be, as 75 new titles have been greenlit for worldwide digital distribution via Steam.

Among the 75 titles are crowdfunded favorites including dolphin exam simulator Classroom Aquatic, tactical roguelike JRPG Dragon Fin Soup, procedural alien sandbox Proven Lands and beautiful yet unconventional platformer The Floor is Jelly.

Proven Lands has currently raised £21,383 ($35,262) on Kickstarter

Proven Lands has currently raised £21,383 ($35,262) on Kickstarter.

Not all greenlit games have nudged their pre-alpha gameplay into the vicious wilderness of public release, though. While some games aren’t soliciting your funds yet, there are quite a few to keep an eye on.

Eidolon is a massive narrative exploration of a post-human Washington which manages to stay visually minimal. Algo-bot hopes to teach players code logic. And, of course, the biggest release on the list is Crayola Creative Studio — just make sure you’ve got the 256MB of RAM to run it.

This latest list of greenlit titles makes for 25 more than the standard 50 every month. It seems as though Steam is edging slowly toward a free-for-all publishing endgame.

This is one of the strongest batches we’ve seen in a while. Check out the full list below:





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