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Digest: This week in crowdfunding – March 15

Posted by Marcus Beard on March 15, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

From soulful platformers to mysterious frog-based educational games, we’ve seen it all this week.

Kickstarter’s fascination with sandbox and space titles is still as strong as ever, but now developers a putting a little more thought into their open-world or skyward-looking projects. Whether it’s a new spin on cubes, or a granular simulation of space colonies, devs are striving as hard as they can to make sure their games stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve struggled to keep up this week, here’s all the news you need know from BitPulse and the crowdsourcing world.

New Projects

Magnetic by Nature
hoping to attract votes on Steam Greenlight

Diablo III alumni seeks funds for Duelyst
Fast-paced, strategic robo-sport touches down on Early Access with Frozen Endzone
Shaq-Fu 2. Yes, you read that correctly 
Drifter floats toward Steam Early Access

Inexistence starts it quest for crowdfunding gold on Kickstarter 
Hyper-realistic space sim PeriAreion counts down to funding on Kickstarter

Proven Lands is a serene story-driven sandbox seeking $500,000
Greenlight color-based platformer Grey brings new meaning to the term ‘art game’
Run an Empire seeks funds to start real-life turf wars with running and walking 
The Game of Death Part 1 brings weird humor, Comic Sans to Greenlight 
Self-proclaimed ‘Minecraft killer’ MyDream builds a new world on Kickstarter

Nom Nom Galaxy, the latest from PixelJunk’s Q-Games, blasts off on Early Access 
Frog Fractions 2 wants $600,000 to hide its identity, bread-based ARG fuels mystery 
Planets³ is a good-looking RPG builder for squares 


Cosmochoria’s Nate Schmold on getting ready to launch on Kickstarter
What now for Tyler Sigman’s Darkest Dungeon?


This is not a movie: Contradiction trailer shows off FMV excellence
Get the lowdown: Star Citizen engages the warp drive for dogfighting
Star Citizen hits $40 million, doesn’t forget to bring a towel
Project Nimbus shows off flying city, floating robot prison

From our friends

Shoost.co: How Kickstarter has affected game development: Part 3
Death by Beta: StarCrawlers Hands On


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