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First-person parkour game Lemma slides onto Kickstarter

Posted by Tyler Colp on March 18, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

We’re still a year out from the next Mirror’s Edge, but the wait for a new first-person parkour game could be much shorter. Developer Evan Todd has new ideas for the genre and he needs $10,000 to make them real with Lemma.

Creation is the defining feature of Lemma’s voxel-based world. As physics graduate student Joan Emmerson, you’ll dart and slide through the game’s abstract environments crafting walls and other objects where they weren’t before. Emerson is chasing her colleague Mark through the titular world, which will alter based on the choices you make.

Lemma uses color to characterize the different properties of the surfaces. Red voxels hurt you and take over white voxels, blue voxels transfer power currents, and orange voxels implode when touched. Using these tools combined with other dangers, like turrets, the game will have physics-based puzzles.


A playable demo of the game is available on the website, and the source code is available on GitHub. Todd promises it to be “extremely mod friendly.”

Todd has been developing Lemma since 2010. Before it, he worked on an Angry Birds-like game with an “online component” and a level-editor but the project was cancelled, according to his LinkedIn profile. He also helped program Sidebolt Studios’ iPhone social games.

“I made my first 3D game completely from scratch when I was 12 by copying code out of a library book,” Todd said in an email interview. “No joke, I modeled space ships by typing in coordinates. Since then I’ve made a number of other 2D and 3D games with Python and Unity. I also worked for a year at an iPhone game studio making 2D free to play games before quitting to work on Lemma.”

The $10,000 will allow Todd to hire an animator and a composer to finish the game by November and release it on PC.

“I have enough saved up to work on the game full-time,” Todd said.  “Most everything in the game so far is done by me. There are a few things that I’m just not skilled enough for, namely, modeling, rigging, and animation. So most of the budget is just to hire a great animator to polish up the player model and animations. The rest is for music, which I also can’t do. I’ve done the math, it should be enough.”

He provided a pie chart to break down the budget.


At the time of this writing, the campaign has received $746 in support from 42 backers with 29 days to go. If it passes the goal, the stretch goals include a Mac, Linux, and Steam OS port, a level editor, and a time trial mode.


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