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Co-op platformer Shadow Puppeteer emerges from the darkness on Greenlight

Posted by David Sanchez on March 25, 2014 | Jump to 1 comments

Norway-based developer Sarepta Studio is currently working on bringing a two-player cooperative puzzle-platformer titled Shadow Puppeteer to Steam and unannounced consoles, and its first step is seeking fan support on Greenlight.

After being one of many individuals separated from their shadows by the titular Shadow Puppeteer, a young boy must figure out how to stop the madman from unleashing further devastation upon the world. The protagonist isn’t alone, though, as he has his shadow, who managed to escape the villain’s clutches, to help him take on the Puppeteer.

Interestingly, Shadow Puppeteer is being designed primarily as a two-player co-op adventure. There are several puzzles and monsters spread throughout the mysterious game world, and two players must work cohesively to tackle these obstacles. It reminds me of a cross between ibb & obb and the long-forgotten Wii sleeper Lost in Shadow.

Both the boy and his shadow possess their own unique abilities. It’s up to you and a pal to utilize these abilities — along with the game’s gravity, light and shadow mechanics — to complete different challenges and open paths for one another.

Shadow Puppeteer

While the team is currently focused on creating the co-op element of Shadow Puppeteer, it has expressed interest in working on a single-player campaign. No further details have been shed on that component as of yet, though.

Sarepta’s been around since 2010, and Shadow Puppeteer is the studio’s debut project. Aside from the main 12-person dev team and lead composer Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland, composers Peter McConnell (Broken Age, Sly Cooper) and Jory K. Prum (The Walking Dead, Tales of Monkey Island) are now also on board.

Check out a trailer for Shadow Puppeteer below. If you like what you see and think you’d be interested in playing the game on Steam someday (and possibly on consoles in the future), give it a vote on Greenlight.


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