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Review: Drunken Robot Pornography offers crazy 2D bullet-hell thrills in a 3D FPS

Posted by David Sanchez on February 28, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Dejobaan Games has developed quite the knack for giving its entertaining, offbeat games equally entertaining and offbeat titles. Such is the case with Drunken Robot Pornography, the latest game from the studio that went through a lengthy early access period.

Initially, you may think that the whole thing is one big boss rush, but as you continue to peel away at the game’s layers, you’re treated to an insane, intense bullet-hell shooter that’s stylish, funny and joyously weird.

You take on the role of a disgruntled bar owner named Reuben Matsumoto. When your robot bartender employee goes nuts, burns down your bar and takes control of all manner of robotic behemoths, it’s up to you to stop him. Drunken Robot Pornography takes you through several locales across a futuristic Boston setting as you seek revenge on the very robotic fiend that betrayed you. It’s not quite the story for the ages (not that it’s supposed to be), but it sure is funny, which definitely goes a long way.

Speaking of humor, the game’s comedy is an ever-present element. Drunken Robot Pornography is filled with hilarious dialogue, wonderful self-awareness and referential humor galore. Whether you’re dealing with your talkative robotic suit (yeah, that’s a thing — you’re mechanical suit actually talks to you) or being treated to an old school “you’ve got mail!” prompt after completing a level, the experience is rife with fun moments that are sure to make you at least chuckle if not burst out into flat-out laughter.

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It’s not all jokes, though. When Drunken Robot Pornography isn’t making you smile on account of its humor, it’s doing so with its captivating, chaotic gameplay. At its core, this is a first-person shooter with slick mechanics and smooth controls. You can shoot, jump and glide around arena-sized stages as you take on groups of small enemies or singular massive behemoths (and sometimes both at the same time). Bigger enemies have flashing weak points, and like an old school FPS, your success depends on how well you exploit these weak points.

The game starts out easy and calm enough, but it doesn’t take long for the difficulty and insanity to ramp up. Soon you’re battling hordes of what seem like hundreds of smaller drones while dodging fire from beastly androids that encompass almost the entire level. 2D bullet-hell shooters pop up fairly often, but Drunken Robot Pornography provides a 3D first-person take on the genre that’s surprisingly refreshing, intensely frenetic and incredibly rewarding. You’re bound to hit some frustrating roadblocks due to the high difficulty, but when you finally complete a particularly tough stage, it’s hard not to feel the utmost satisfaction.

Even with all of these great gameplay systems incorporated into it, Drunken Robot Pornography won’t be for everyone. If you simply enjoy the FPS genre, you’re not necessarily going to love this particular game. That’s partially because it’s not a typical shooter and actually plays more like an 8-bit action game. Additionally, the high difficulty will put some players off, and if you don’t dig geeky Internet humor, you probably won’t find the game funny, either. This is very much a niche title, but it can certainly prove to be a mighty fine adventure for those who give it a chance.

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Aside from the progressively daunting campaign, Drunken Robot Pornography features editing tools that allow you to create your own titans and arenas. Your creations can be shared via Steam Workshop, where you can check out the community’s rapidly growing collection of bizarre bots and maps. Whether you’ve completed the main adventure or are simply looking for a break in the action, tinkering around with the edit tools and checking out other users’ work is pretty nifty and makes for a fun time.

One of the most appealing aspects on hand (aside from all of the wild robot blasting tomfoolery) is the explosive, colorful and vibrant graphical direction of Drunken Robot Pornography. The futuristic Boston setting is a sight to behold, featuring a clean aesthetic that thrives on variety and weirdness. Grunt-type enemies aren’t always that impressive, but the major boss characters are imposing and fearsome to behold.

My time spent with Drunken Robot Pornography was filled with laughs, cursing and then more laughs. The difficulty could be uneven at times, but once you adjust to it, it’s easy to get enthralled in the experience. Battling huge bosses is a blast, and there’s this immense sense of catharsis as you take down the ruthless robots. Not all aspects of Drunken Robot Pornography are perfect, but ultimately, it’s hard not to appreciate the fast-paced entertainment of this arena-based first-person shoot ‘em up, especially when you hear your pitiful robot suit making ridiculous comments throughout your adventure.

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The BitPulse Perspective

Two years as an Early Access release on Steam have undoubtedly helped the development of Drunken Robot Pornography. Dejobaan set out to turn something that started out as an April Fools joke into a fully-featured game and succeeded. It’s obvious that the studio listened to its fans, and in doing so, it crafted an intuitive, challenging, rewarding and original game.

If you supported this game from the very beginning, you’re more than familiar with its evolution. It may have started out as a simple shooter, but it turned out to be a riveting concoction of humongous robots, wacky levels, genuinely funny writing and unorthodox mechanics. If you didn’t invest time and money into the Early Access version, then you’re still in luck, because you have the chance to play this now complete product rife with intense moments and memorable instances for the first time.

In addition to Drunken Robot Pornography (and the studio’s previous hit AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity), Dejobaan is also currently working on 1… 2… 3… Kick It! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby), a music-driven action game that’s available on Early Access. Given the dev’s track record, if you’re into unorthodox gameplay experiences (with titles that are really fun to say), perhaps it’s worth investing in and checking out before its official launch.


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