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Horse World Online: Finally, an MMO about breeding horses

Posted by Marcus Beard on February 25, 2014 | Jump to 5 comments

Horses are beautiful.

So beautiful, in fact, that no game has dared approach the delicate subject of horse breeding. So much love, passion and life is dedicated to the act of horse breeding that it has remained untouched for years.

That ends today.

Horse World: Online finally gives gamers what they’ve longed for: a fully interactive, connected, browser-based horse-breeding simulation. Developer Larissa Rintjema has taken to Kickstarter to fund development of her dream.


In this multiplayer experience, players take control of their own stable. The goal is to populate your stable with God’s most gracious animal, raising them and birthing their offspring. But there’s more to Horse World Online than simply “make horse A mount horse B.”

With over 300 breeds and countless coat patterns, Rintjema’s system allows for virtually infinite permutations of horses, and the game captures every elegant jaw and strong hip. Horses grow realistically, and you can even see foals growing inside horses’ bodies.

You can try out the dynamic creation system here.


Players can take to the market to buy items to pamper their horses with, or find another horse to adopt. Stat-based competitions such as show jumping, reining, barrel racing and steeple-chasing are where plays will go face-to-face in a glorious, majestic showdown.

This is Rintjema’s first game project, launching an early version of the game in 2004. “Life never goes exactly as we plan,” she wrote on her Kickstarter page. “But I have the skills I believe are necessary, and I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent and talented people who are willing to help overcome any obstacles I may encounter.”

The estimated delivery date is September 2014, with a private alpha already in progress. There currently isn’t a way to register to the alpha, but you can view a gameplay preview on YouTube.

Rintjema is very close to reaching the goal of $6,000. Being free-to-play, every backer ($1 and above) will receive a six-month premium subscription — it’s unclear exactly what this entails at the moment.

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