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Contradiction cast revealed: Doctor Who, Die Another Day stars

Posted by Marcus Beard on February 18, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

The live-action murder mystery adventure Contradiction has revealed their cast of nine, featuring a wealth of talent from both the screen and stage.

The successfully funded Kickstarter raised £4,000 (around $6,500) back in January. It’s only a small segment of the ~$16,500 budget, which creator Tim Follin said would limit the scope of actors he could hire.

Despite this, the game is being graced with some big names with British TV, film and stage.

The most notable name on the cast list is Paul Darrow, a senior British actor. He’s most notably known for his portrayal of Kerr Avon in 1978 BBC sci-fi show Blake’s 7 – we won’t blame you if you haven’t heard it of, but it was big in the UK.

Contradiction will be shot here, in the idyllic town of Budworth.

Contradiction will be shot here, in the idyllic town of Budworth.

Also appearing in Die Another Day and the original Doctor Who, Darrow is cast as the wealthy father of cult leader Ryan Rand, Paul Rand. If he’s anything as chilling as John Guilor’s calculating speech-giver, we’ll be in for a treat.

The lead role of omnipresent inspector Jenks – who the player controls – has had an actor switch. While Chris Jackson was seen playing Jenks in the game’s trailer, he’s had to take a smaller role due to time commitments. He’s replaced by  Rupert Booth, a freelance writer, actor and performer.

There are bios of all the actors on board on Contradiction’s development blog – it’s well worth a read.

Tim Follin has been making short films since 2000, founding his own production studio Baggy Cat. Contradiction is his attempt at an Full Motion Video game with cinematic production values that doesn’t rely on strict linearity.

Contradiction is due out in Spring 2014 and you can pledge on Baggy Cat’s website with £10 ($16) netting you a pre-order.

Read our overview of the game and an interview with creator Tim Follin.


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