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Aderyn’s Cradle continues through fundraising failure: “We plan to launch another Kickstarter”

Posted by Marcus Beard on February 21, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Aderyn’s Cradle, the ambitious open-world RPG from start-up studio Mojo Games has failed to reach its Kickstarter goal. The campaign closed with under 40 percent of the goal raised, and pledges have been returned to backers.

Late on Feb. 21, the final seconds ticked down on Aderyn’s Cradle‘s Kickstarter. The final total was left at $129,946 – well below the game’s goal of $300,000.

Mojo games confirmed in a Kickstarter message to BitPulse that development will still continue on the title.

“Yes, the game will most definitely continue ahead in production,” they wrote. “Yes we will be seeking additional funding. We plan to launch another Kickstarter, as well as other crowd-funding options.”


It’s unclear whether the goal will the same or smaller than the first. It is possible the team will take to IndieGoGo, where funding is given to creators regardless of the amount raised.

Aderyn’s Cradle (formerly just Cradle) received criticism from the public, who doubted Mojo’s ability to complete the project on budget, on time, with all the features intact. Commenters cited the team’s inexperience.

Mojo Games’ business director issued a statement in response to the doubts, saying “any amount of inexperience is counterbalanced by a broad support system, including the expert faculty of Carnegie Mellon and a relationship with our big brother Crytek.”

He continued that Mojo’s “unique business model” allow them to cut down on costs and capitalise on the team’s shared passions.

We’ve reached out to Mojo to confirm when the next round of fundraising will start.


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