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Tabletop-inspired RPG takes the initiative on Greenlight

Posted by Olivia Cottrell on January 29, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Conclave, a browser game based on turn-based pen and paper RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, is looking for votes starting this week on Steam Greenlight.

If successful, getting on Steam will allow Conclave to hasten the pace of their development, implementing new features such as another campaign of adventures to complement their first one, Legacy of the Dweller, another archetype or two, and possibly a new unlockable race.

Other goals include improvements to the game’s interface, animations, and sound, and better support for solo or short-handed parties.There is also the possibility of procedurally-generated adventures, although that is a very tentative future plan.

Conclave’s developers, the two-man team 10×10 room, also want to introduce a desktop client via Steam. If they are successful, players should see a desktop client within two months, with additional new features rolled out as they are completed.

The game allows players to, essentially, conduct a D&D campaign at their own pace over the Internet, taking turns as they are available.

10×10 co-founder Derek Bruneau explained a little of what online play means for him as a player, and what that might mean for the future of tabletop gaming.

“Online play is a future for tabletop games, but not the only one,” he said. “We like playing in person, and we see online play as a complementary option rather than a replacement for that.  Conclave is a way to have a D&D-like experience when your group is otherwise too busy; it’s also something you can play on your own if you haven’t found a group or just prefer to play solo.”

So no opportunities for table-based trash-talk, then? Don’t worry- Conclave has you covered.

“Table-talk is definitely part of the fun of roleplaying, and the way we support that in Conclave is by giving every party a private chat room.  The chat messages are persistent, so players can communicate even if they’re not online at the same time,” he said.

You can find Conclave on Steam Greenlight here.


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