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Probably Archery adds new mode inspired by DayZ

Posted by Marcus Beard on January 15, 2014 | Jump to 0 comments

Robin-Hood-meets-Surgeon-Simulator game Probably Archery is set to release before the end of January with a new secret mode inspired by DayZ.

Created by South East Games in the ‘7 Day FPS’ game jam, Probably Archery has confused many gamers with its punishingly realistic controls and surreal NPCs and locales. The game was recently greenlit on Steam in December, helped by a strong community of Let’s Players and ragequitters.

The freely available demo features eight scenarios and native Oculus Rift support, but the full version will hold a quiver full of game modes and control options including support for the Razer Hydra game controller.

“The main new feature in the full version is multiplayer,” programmer Matthew Carr said in an email interview. “The time pressure of knowing you’ve got one or more opponents trying to quickly arrange their awkward arms to take you down while you’re doing the same adds a fun tension.”

Could you be in fighting to survive in an open world infested by apple-headed zombies in the new mode?

Could you be in fighting to survive in an open world infested by apple-headed zombies in the new mode?

In addition to multiplayer, the full game (available to pre-order for $6.99) will also have a plethora of new single player levels including a Chinese store swarming with winged eggs (your goal is to exterminate them while causing as little damage as possible), and a co-operative horde mode.

Likely even stranger is a DayZ-inspired mode which the team is being tight-lipped about.

“Right now we’re just finishing up something really, really… odd.” Carr said.

“I don’t want to spoil it just yet, but it was the strange result of messing around with weird ideas after being frustrated by DayZ‘s current state and I think it could be one of the most popular modes in the game,” he added.

Reflecting on the development of the game, Carr says “it’s so strange coming up with an idea you think sounds fun and funny for a game jam, spending a week making it and then seeing thousands of people playing and enjoying it and the subsequent versions.”


You’d struggle to clock Probably Archery’s popularity spending just a few minutes with the game. Players are lucky to get an arrow to sit nicely on your bow, let alone hit a moving target.

“Being able to watch as people struggle for a bit before it clicks as you hoped, and having them see and laugh at the nonsense we added is super satisfying” says Carr.

Most of the game is complete, save a few pieces of design work and wave orders for horde mode. South East Games hopes to release Probably Archery, “but there’s a lot to do between now and then.”

Probably Archery is available to pre-order for $6.99 via Humble, and will launch on Steam  for $10.



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