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Cradle seeks $350,000 for immersive open world RPG

Posted by Marcus Beard on January 27, 2014 | Jump to 1 comments

Pittsburgh-based Mojo Games is hunting for funds on Kickstarter for an epic RPG set in a sprawling mythical world

Aiming to raise $350,000 by Feb. 20, Cradle is focused on exploration, skillful combat and a meaningful story.

As an exiled traveller in the mythical fantasy land, the player uncovers an ancient struggle between gods, nature and humanity. Questing to return a once-mighty ‘Cradle’ to an empty land, you’ll fight enemies, solve emergent puzzle and uncover beautiful landscapes.

Cradle’s combat system reflects a key tenet of Mojo Games’ manifesto: truly immersive gameplay.


Combat in the game is melee-based, and Mojo wants to ensure that the player is at its heart. Rather than hack-n-slash style combo moves, Cradle’s combat starts simple and then adds layers of dynamic, responsive fluidity. Attacks will account for player proximity, weapon weight and previous strikes.

This idea of unintrusive, natural game mechanics follows through into Cradle’s puzzles and quest system. Found in old treasure maps and diagrams in ancient catacombs, quests are constructed to drive forward players’ exploration.

Puzzles won’t take the form of a room full of switches, instead environmental problems solved by Cradle’s integral mechanics.

“In Cradle, you’ll never have to collect 15 boar skins or kill 25 beetles. This is an adventure for you to discover and explore, not a list of chores,” reads their Kickstarter page.

With five varied world to explore, Mojo are really putting their artistic excellence to work — especially with confirmed Oculus Rift support.

Five classes have been announced. Players can craft their avatar with weapon augments, unique armour and exclusive weapons.

As such a large project, the estimated release date is scheduled for June 2016. Alpha access (which players can bag for $35) is due for December.


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